overprotective developers

i'm recently under impression that pg developers are overprotective. who do they protect?

us, users.

i mean – don't get me wrong – i live with, and (to some extent) thanks to the piece of marvelous technology which is postgresql ordbms.

i use it, i try to help other use it. i don't think there is any better database available now (at the very least – for my purposes).

but, just lately, i some to see some cases where decissions are made in a way to “protect us (dbas) from our faults".

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encrypted passwords in database

in most applications you have some variant of this table:

    id serial PRIMARY KEY,
    username TEXT NOT NULL,
    passwd TEXT

and, usually, the passwd stores user password in clear text way.

this is usually not a problem, but in case you'd like to add password encryption in database, there are some ways to do it – and i'll show you which way i like most.

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