Picking task from queue – revisit

Some time ago, I wrote blogpost about how to pick a task from queue, without locking.

It was written in 2013, and as such it couldn't reflect everything we have now in PostgreSQL – namely SKIP LOCKED – which was added to PostgreSQL over year later.

Two people mentioned SKIP LOCKED in comments, but it was before it was committed even to git repo. But now, we have, officially released, PostgreSQL version with this mechanism, so let's see what it can do.

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Pick a task to work on

There is new blogpost on this subject!

There are cases where system stores list of things to do, and then there are some worker processes that check the list, pick something to work on, do it, and remove from the list.

Proper solution is to use some kind of queuing system. There is even PgQ which works withing PostgreSQL, but some people are not happy with it, as it requires compilation and installation. So they just use plain selects.

Will that work OK?

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