Waiting for PostgreSQL 10 – Logical replication support for initial data copy

On 23rd of March 2017, Peter Eisentraut committed patch:

Logical replication support for initial data copy
Add functionality for a new subscription to copy the initial data in the
tables and then sync with the ongoing apply process.
For the copying, add a new internal COPY option to have the COPY source
data provided by a callback function.  The initial data copy works on
the subscriber by receiving COPY data from the publisher and then
providing it locally into a COPY that writes to the destination table.
A WAL receiver can now execute full SQL commands.  This is used here to
obtain information about tables and publications.
Several new options were added to CREATE and ALTER SUBSCRIPTION to
control whether and when initial table syncing happens.
Change pg_dump option --no-create-subscription-slots to
--no-subscription-connect and use the new CREATE SUBSCRIPTION
... NOCONNECT option for that.
Author: Petr Jelinek

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Waiting for 9.1 – Synchronous replication

On 6th of March, Simon Riggs committed patch:

Efficient transaction-controlled synchronous replication.
If a standby is broadcasting reply messages and we have named
one or more standbys in synchronous_standby_names then allow
users who set synchronous_replication to wait for commit, which
then provides strict data integrity guarantees. Design avoids
sending and receiving transaction state information so minimises
bookkeeping overheads. We synchronize with the highest priority
standby that is connected and ready to synchronize. Other standbys
can be defined to takeover in case of standby failure.
This version has very strict behaviour; more relaxed options
may be added at a later date.
Simon Riggs and Fujii Masao, with reviews by Yeb Havinga, Jaime
Casanova, Heikki Linnakangas and Robert Haas, plus the assistance
of many other design reviewers.

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