Waiting for 9.1 – sepgsql

On 24th of January, Robert Haas committed very important patch:

sepgsql, an SE-Linux integration for PostgreSQL
This is still pretty rough - among other things, the documentation
needs work, and the messages need a visit from the style police -
but this gets the basic framework in place.
KaiGai Kohei

Now, In this place I usually show you what it is all about, but it's not going to happen with this patch. Reason is very simple – I know that it's important, and that it integrates PostgreSQL with SE/Linux, but since I never played with SE/Linux – I cannot really show you anything in here.

But – if you know anything about SE/Linux and sepgsql, I would like to ask you to describe this extension so that even I could understand it.

Sorry – I know I should put more in here, but it simply is so far above my knowledge limits, it would take me too long time to get through documentation for SE/Linux and sepgsql.

For now – if you want to know more – simply check the docs.