Waiting for PostgreSQL 10 – Rename “pg_xlog” directory to “pg_wal”.

On 20th of October, Robert Haas committed patch:

Rename "pg_xlog" directory to "pg_wal".
"xlog" is not a particularly clear abbreviation for "write-ahead log",
and it sometimes confuses users into believe that the contents of the
"pg_xlog" directory are not critical data, leading to unpleasant
consequences.  So, rename the directory to "pg_wal".
This patch modifies pg_upgrade and pg_basebackup to understand both
the old and new directory layouts; the former is necessary given the
purpose of the tool, while the latter merely avoids an unnecessary
backward-compatibility break.
We may wish to consider renaming other programs, switches, and
functions which still use the old "xlog" naming to also refer to
"wal".  However, that's still under discussion, so let's do just this
much for now.
Discussion: CAB7nPqTeC-8+zux8_-4ZD46V7YPwooeFxgndfsq5Rg8ibLVm1A@mail.gmail.com
Michael Paquier

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