Waiting for 9.2 – relative paths in psql

On 6th of July, Robert Haas committed patch:

Add \ir command to psql.
\ir is short for "include relative"; when used from a script, the
supplied pathname will be interpreted relative to the input file,
rather than to the current working directory.
Gurjeet Singh, reviewed by Josh Kupershmidt, with substantial further
cleanup by me.

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Waiting for 9.2 – NOT VALID CHECKS

On 30th of June, Alvaro Herrera committed patch:

Enable CHECK constraints to be declared NOT VALID
This means that they can initially be added to a large existing table
without checking its initial contents, but new tuples must comply to
them; a separate pass invoked by ALTER TABLE / VALIDATE can verify
existing data and ensure it complies with the constraint, at which point
it is marked validated and becomes a normal part of the table ecosystem.
An non-validated CHECK constraint is ignored in the planner for
constraint_exclusion purposes; when validated, cached plans are
recomputed so that partitioning starts working right away.
This patch also enables domains to have unvalidated CHECK constraints
attached to them as well by way of ALTER DOMAIN / ADD CONSTRAINT / NOT
VALID, which can later be validated with ALTER DOMAIN / VALIDATE
Thanks to Thom Brown, Dean Rasheed and Jaime Casanova for the various
reviews, and Robert Hass for documentation wording improvement
This patch was sponsored by Enova Financial.

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