Pagination with fixed order

Some time ago I wrote about getting fast pagination. While fast, it had some problems which made it unusable for some. Specifically – you couldn't get page count, and easily jump to page number N.

I did some thinking on the subject, and I think I found a way to make it all work. Quite fast. And with not big overhead. Let me show you.

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better results paging in postgresql 8.2

some time ago merlin moncure wrote about one of new features of postgresql 8.2 – row-wise comparison.

i also read about it, but at first didn't find anything very useful about it – after all it doesn't give you any new functionality. any kind “(a, b, c) > (…)" can be written with standard column-based operators. so it's basically just a syntactic-sugar.

that's true. but merlin pointed me to not-so-obvious benefit – basically it allows much better paging of results. how? let's see.

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