What would Roy Merritt do?

Some time ago, I was listening to This week in tech and I heard Leo Laporte raving about book Daemon by Daniel Suarez. Did some research, got the book, read it. Relatively soon I heard that there is second part – Freedom ™ (polish comment: czemu polski tłumacz wywalił to “tm" z tytułu?!). Of couse I read it too. Well – it's more like devoured it as I found it simply amazing, and read it all in one go.

Today, I got information from alerts that somebody wrote about it on blog. Went to read, and was astounded to read this sentence:

Turns out it’s only half the story because there is apparently a sequel. I don’t think I’m going to read the next book.

(this is about Daemon).

Well, I did comment there, but just in case, and for Google purposes let me put my answer in here:

Freedom ™ is not a sequel in common meaning of the word. Personally, I think about them as of single text with single story, that was just printed (for whatever reason) as two separate volumes.

Personally I found Freedom ™ much more enjoyable, as it takes the ideas presented in Daemon much further. Daemon is short-time extrapolation “what-if", with common gadgets, and todays technology (well, after some tweaking). Freedom ™ shows what it can lead to – it's social and political consequences.

So, if you haven't yet read these books – go get them. And if you, for some unknown reason, read just the Daemon – get also this “sequel".

Just one warning – if you read Daemon long ago, and now you'll get Freedom ™ – reread Daemon first, as Freedom ™ is literally next part of the same book – with no re-introduction, reminding of events, people, items – nothing like this.

If you don't understand the tile – well – get the books 🙂