Waiting for PostgreSQL 10 – Support XMLTABLE query expression

On 8th of March, Alvaro Herrera committed patch:

XMLTABLE is defined by the SQL/XML standard as a feature that allows
turning XML-formatted data into relational form, so that it can be used
as a <table primary> in the FROM clause of a query.
This new construct provides significant simplicity and performance
benefit for XML data processing; what in a client-side custom
implementation was reported to take 20 minutes can be executed in 400ms
using XMLTABLE.  (The same functionality was said to take 10 seconds
using nested PostgreSQL XPath function calls, and 5 seconds using
XMLReader under PL/Python).
The implemented syntax deviates slightly from what the standard
requires.  First, the standard indicates that the PASSING clause is
optional and that multiple XML input documents may be given to it; we
make it mandatory and accept a single document only.  Second, we don't
currently support a default namespace to be specified.
This implementation relies on a new executor node based on a hardcoded
method table.  (Because the grammar is fixed, there is no extensibility
in the current approach; further constructs can be implemented on top of
this such as JSON_TABLE, but they require changes to core code.)
Author: Pavel Stehule, Álvaro Herrera
Extensively reviewed by: Craig Ringer
Discussion: https://postgr.es/m/CAFj8pRAgfzMD-LoSmnMGybD0WsEznLHWap8DO79+-GTRAPR4qA@mail.gmail.com

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Waiting for 9.5 – Implement IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA.

On 10th of July, Tom Lane committed patch:

This command provides an automated way to create foreign table definitions
that match remote tables, thereby reducing tedium and chances for error.
In this patch, we provide the necessary core-server infrastructure and
implement the feature fully in the postgres_fdw foreign-data wrapper.
Other wrappers will throw a "feature not supported" error until/unless
they are updated.
Ronan Dunklau and Michael Paquier, additional work by me

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