Shout out to

Some time ago I ordered some hot sauces from Heatonist – Purveyors of fine hot sauces.

Bottles arrived packaged by 3 in a small cardboard box, with some fill in material (bubble wrap I think, I might be wrong, it was ~ 6 months ago).

Some time passed, I ordered more sauces. And today the package arrived. Inside some new boxes with aesthetically pleasing design:


There was no plastic padding, fillers or anything like this. Box has holes that keep the bottles without touching each other, and safe from (almost?) all kind of damage:

Great! I'm really happy that they managed to send those with as few plastic parts as possible (there is still small wrapper on top of each bottle, and the box itself was taped using plastic tape, not paper ones, but still – it's great to see someone doing something to reduce plastic waste.