Is C faster for (instagram-style) ID generation?

Some time ago, guys from Instagram shared their approach to generating unique ids on multiple hosts in a way that guarantees (to reasonable extend) uniqueness, and doesn't require any centralized service.

Earlier this month, the build benchmarked their solution vs. UUIDs, and vs. bigserial.

I thought – whether C based code for nextid would be faster.

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indexable “field like ‘%something'” – update

thomas reiss just published his follow up to my post about indexed searches in “like ‘%something'" cases.

i don't understand french so i can't tell what exactly he wrote, but i understand c code and graphs 🙂

basically – he wrote c function that does reverse() of strings, and benchmarked it against pl/pgsql and pl/perl versions. of course c version is the fastest, but just take a look at how much faster it is. and how simple it is.