How to remove backups?

Question from title sounds weird to you? It's just a ‘rm backup_filename'? Well. I really wish it was so simple in some cases.

One of the servers I'm looking into, there is interesting situation:

  • quite busy database server (2k tps is the low point of the day)
  • very beefy hardware
  • daily backups, each sized at about 100GB
  • backups stored on ext3 filesystem with default options
  • before launching daily backup, script removes oldest backup (we keep 3 days of backups on this machine)

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Waiting for 8.4 – parallel restoration of dumps

On 2nd of February Andrew Dunstan committed his patch (with editing by Tom Lane) that:

Log Message:
Provide for parallel restoration from a custom format archive. Each data and
post-data step is run in a separate worker child (a thread on Windows, a child
process elsewhere) up to the concurrent number specified by the new pg_restore
command-line --multi-thread | -m switch.

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