visual sleep in shell, and shell_utils repo information

I wrote previously about tmux_send_to_many and group_by shell tools that I authored.

Since then I got some more ideas for changes, and for new tool, so figured I'll make an honest git repo for it. Repo is on GitLab, and all the tools inside can be freely used.

While I was doing it, I fixed some things in tmux_send_to_many.

And then – I remembered that for long time I was missing “visual-sleep" type of tool. One that will show some progress information while it's working.

Enter vsleep.

It takes same format of time as normal GNU sleep, but:

  • Can get multiple sleeps to run sequentially
  • Shows progress information

Everybody likes screenshots, so here is vsleep doing its thing:

[vsleep demo]

No idea if anyone else will find it useful, but I will 🙂

3 thoughts on “visual sleep in shell, and shell_utils repo information”

  1. This is a nice bit of scripting!

    FYI, on MacOS it complains about the quotes around:
    `progress_len=$(( “${tput_columns}” …`

    and it doesn’t like `awk -v”var=val”` – it needs a space after the `-v`

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