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Some (long) time ago, someone on irc suggested that I add option to keep track of optimizations of queries.

Sorry, I forgot your name, and the mails disappeared in some crash.

Anyway – right now, when you are on some plan page, you can press “Add optimization" button, and you will be redirected to index page, but when you will add plan there, it will be understood to be plan from optimization of the query. Like this one.

You can have any number of optimizations per plan, and when viewing plan that has optimizations, or is an optimization of earlier plan – you will see this above plan table.

Whether you'll use it – it's up to you. Someone wanted it, and it looked like sensible thing to add, so there it is 🙂

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Waiting for PostgreSQL 10 – Implement multivariate n-distinct coefficients

I missed it completely, but on 24th of March 2017, Alvaro Herrera committed patch:

Implement multivariate n-distinct coefficients
Add support for explicitly declared statistic objects (CREATE
STATISTICS), allowing collection of statistics on more complex
combinations that individual table columns.  Companion commands DROP
added too.  All this DDL has been designed so that more statistic types
can be added later on, such as multivariate most-common-values and
multivariate histograms between columns of a single table, leaving room
for permitting columns on multiple tables, too, as well as expressions.
This commit only adds support for collection of n-distinct coefficient
on user-specified sets of columns in a single table.  This is useful to
estimate number of distinct groups in GROUP BY and DISTINCT clauses;
estimation errors there can cause over-allocation of memory in hashed
aggregates, for instance, so it's a worthwhile problem to solve.  A new
special pseudo-type pg_ndistinct is used.
(num-distinct estimation was deemed sufficiently useful by itself that
this is worthwhile even if no further statistic types are added
immediately; so much so that another version of essentially the same
functionality was submitted by Kyotaro Horiguchi:
though this commit does not use that code.)
Author: Tomas Vondra.  Some code rework by Álvaro.
    Ideriha Takeshi

Afterwards, there were couple more commits related to it:

  • On 5th of April 2017, patch committed by Simon Riggs
  • On 17th of April 2017, patch committed by Alvaro Herrera
  • On 12nd of May 2017, patch committed by Alvaro Herrera

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