Waiting for 9.5 – psql: add asciidoc output format

On 31st of March, Bruce Momjian committed patch:

psql:  add asciidoc output format
Patch by Szymon Guz, adjustments by me
Testing by Michael Paquier, Pavel Stehule

To be honest, when Szymon posted first mail about asciidoc – it was the first time I heard about it. Immediately I thought: “why not markdown? or any other plaintext markup?".

But now that I see it, and I saw the results, it is kinda nice. It is definitely very flexible. Output from psql in asciidoc format is perhaps not the easiest to read:

2+^|Record 1
<l|datid >l|17235
<l|datname <l|depesz
<l|pid >l|1074
<l|usesysid >l|16384
<l|usename <l|depesz
<l|application_name <l|psql
<l|client_addr <l|[null]
<l|client_hostname <l|[null]
<l|client_port >l|-1
<l|backend_start <l|2015-04-04 15:11:35.480742+02
<l|xact_start <l|2015-04-04 15:17:09.730326+02
<l|query_start <l|2015-04-04 15:17:09.730326+02
<l|state_change <l|2015-04-04 15:17:09.730328+02
<l|waiting <l|f
<l|state <l|active
<l|backend_xid >l|[null]
<l|backend_xmin >l|16645
<l|query <l|select * from pg_stat_activity ;

But it is somewhat readable, easy to modify (if needed), and it generates (by default) rather nice html. Pretty cool.