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Did it help? If yes - maybe you can help me?

I'm huge fan of stand-up comedy, and one of the guys that I like is Louis CK. Learned today that he made new movie – “Live at the Beacon Theater", and it's available on his site. For $5. Without DRM, geographical limitations or other bullshit.

So, if you can handle his kind of jokes – it's a must have. And at this price (again: 5 USD!) it's not like your budget will collapse.

The site is, and there is also interesting statement explaining some things, and telling how much did he made so far.

Apparently there are some DNS issues with their site – it the name doesn't resolve, either switch (temporarily) to dns server, or use following information to fill your /etc/hosts:

$ host is an alias for has address has address has address has address has address has address

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