Birthday cake

Recently I had birthday, and I'd like to share one picture. My wife got me a cake. In shape of my currently favorite drink. All of it, including the label, was edible, and actually really good (a bit on the sweet side, but still good).

Jameson Cake

5 thoughts on “Birthday cake”

  1. ha, my favourite drink too. Whiskey ! Altho, I prefer the Bushmills.

  2. Nice cake! Same as GJ, I find Bushmills (black) better. Try also other great irish whiskey: Kilbeggan.

  3. Hi, this cake is so fun! I want to make a similar cake for NY husband who loves scotch. I’d like to know where your wife got the edible label made? It makes it look so real. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, Nisha

  4. @Nisha:
    well, it was all ordered and made locally in “Cukiernia Kandulski” cake shop. The problem might be that both I, and the cake shop, are quite far from NY – it’s in Poland.

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