Waiting for 9.1 – sepgsql

On 24th of January, Robert Haas committed very important patch:

sepgsql, an SE-Linux integration for PostgreSQL
This is still pretty rough - among other things, the documentation
needs work, and the messages need a visit from the style police -
but this gets the basic framework in place.
KaiGai Kohei

Now, In this place I usually show you what it is all about, but it's not going to happen with this patch. Reason is very simple – I know that it's important, and that it integrates PostgreSQL with SE/Linux, but since I never played with SE/Linux – I cannot really show you anything in here.

But – if you know anything about SE/Linux and sepgsql, I would like to ask you to describe this extension so that even I could understand it.

Sorry – I know I should put more in here, but it simply is so far above my knowledge limits, it would take me too long time to get through documentation for SE/Linux and sepgsql.

For now – if you want to know more – simply check the docs.

Waiting for 9.1 – pg_basebackup

On 23rd of January, Magnus Hagander committed patch which adds:

Add pg_basebackup tool for streaming base backups
This tool makes it possible to do the pg_start_backup/
copy files/pg_stop_backup step in a single command.
There are still some steps to be done before this is a
complete backup solution, such as the ability to stream
the required WAL logs, but it's still usable, and
could do with some buildfarm coverage.
In passing, make the checkpoint request optionally
fast instead of hardcoding it.
Magnus Hagander, reviewed by Fujii Masao and Dimitri Fontaine

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Tablespaces support for omnipitr-backup-*

Really cool news. Thanks to sponsoring from AWeber.com, and code by Brian Dunavant OmniPITR has now support for additional tablespaces in backup creation.

This works on both master and slave, and happens automatically without any kind of user interaction or changing options – OmniPITR simply detects if you have additional tablespaces and backs them up to data tarball.

More details are places in TABLESPACES part of omnipitr-backup-* docs.

Waiting for 9.1 – Unlogged tables

On 29th of December, Robert Haas committed interesting patch, which does:

Support unlogged tables.
The contents of an unlogged table aren't WAL-logged; thus, they are not
available on standby servers and are truncated whenever the database
system enters recovery.  Indexes on unlogged tables are also unlogged.
Unlogged GiST indexes are not currently supported.

(edited commit message, due to this mail.

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