Waiting for 9.1 – hostnames in pg_hba.conf

On 15th of October Peter Eisentraut committed patch (his own) which adds:

Support host names in pg_hba.conf
Peter Eisentraut, reviewed by KaiGai Kohei and Tom Lane

As you perhaps know, pg_hba.conf contains lines like these:

host    all         all          trust

Which means that any connection coming over TCP/ip, from localhost, to any database, using any username, should be trusted, and doesn't need to provide password – this is of course just an example.

Now, with this new patch of Peter, instead of using IPs for hosts, we can use hostnames, like this:

host    all         all         krowka.home.depesz.com trust

Couple of notes though:

  • you have to use full hostnames, including domain
  • failure of dns will mean that you cannot connect to database

Personally I think that using it is too dangerous (in terms: too easy to break it so it will cease to work) to be really useful. But that's because I have to use lots of VPNs, and they tend to force set their own DNS servers, which not always resolve all names in sensible way.

But if you are 100% sure of your dns servers, it might make it a bit easier to read than IP based version of the file.

6 thoughts on “Waiting for 9.1 – hostnames in pg_hba.conf”

  1. A small correction; means all TCP/IP connections originating *only* from localhost.

    Perhaps you meant

  2. Would not a hosts file of critical boxes serve in the event of a DNS failure? Assuming the IP of the destination box wasn’t being spoofed or subject to a MIM attack.

  3. @Loef:
    it probably could, but it brings to the table problems of updates and file distribution. Granted – it’s solvable, but I just can’t think of any real reason to use it.

  4. too bad this patch supports FQDN only.
    Would just be too easy to move pg_hba.conf from test to live without touching (yes, we have same hostnames in test/live)

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