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Did it help? If yes - maybe you can help me?

I've written 29 posts about new features in 8.5. And now core team decided to name it 9.0. Great. And now I have to make changes in all of these posts.

Just kidding – change is simple – I just added tag “pg90" and that's all.

Change from 8.5 to 9.0 emphasizes significance of new features in this version, and generally looks cool marketing-wise.

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  2. what were the features that made them decide that?

  3. Jan 21, 2010


    Hot Standby along with Streaming Replication did it. Just one or the other would have been 8.5-worthy.

  4. ooh shiny. I didn’t know streaming had been accepted. now if we could get sql/psm too …

  5. # Matthew
    Jan 23, 2010

    Excellent! I am looking forward to using those two features. I will be playing with the next alpha or beta release to help find bugs.

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