Robert Treat reported an error with In some cases it could die with ‘division by zero' error.

Problem was solved using patch from Robert, which simply treats “0" in number of rows fetched or written, as ‘0.001'.

Additionally, I added a simpler way to specify multiple schemas to use tables from.

Code is available in svn repository.

lpad() and rpad() gotcha

I was lately writing some program for a client of mine, which used UPC codes matching.

Since the codes are given in various ways, there was decision to pad the codes with leading zeros – up to 12 characters.

The code has been done, and worked like this:

# SELECT lpad('123456789', 12, '0');
(1 ROW)

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Waiting for 8.4 – parallel restoration of dumps

On 2nd of February Andrew Dunstan committed his patch (with editing by Tom Lane) that:

Log Message:
Provide for parallel restoration from a custom format archive. Each data and
post-data step is run in a separate worker child (a thread on Windows, a child
process elsewhere) up to the concurrent number specified by the new pg_restore
command-line --multi-thread | -m switch.

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