Archiwizowane January, 2009

On 22nd of January, Tom Lane committed patch by Stephen Frost, which adds column level privileges: Log Message: ----------- Support column-level privileges, as required by SQL standard. Stephen Frost, with help from KaiGai Kohei and others

A long overdue post about new functionality. At this moment it is no longer such new, as it was committed on 28th of December (yes, I know, I should have written it earlier, Sorry). On this day Tom Lane committed patch ...

On 4th of January, Tom Lane committed patch by Takahiro Itagaki, which adds new contrib module - pg_stat_statements: Log Message: ----------- Add contrib/pg_stat_statements for server-wide tracking of statement execution statistics. Takahiro Itagaki

On 6th of January Bruce Momjian committed patch by Greg Sabino Mulane, which fixes one of a very long standing annoyances in PostgreSQL - removes system objects from \dX commands in psql.

This post is basically just an reply to Josh Berkus blog post. Additionally, it refers to "SQL Coding Standards To Each His Own" by Leo Hsu and Regina Obe.