Archiwizowane May, 2008

Changes: add handling of %i in log_line_prefix add handling of [, ], ( and ) in log_line_prefix SVN repo at:

When I was working for one of customers we found some strange thing. We needed to found number of distinct sessions per day. Table layout was very simple:

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I'm using .psqlrc file to set my preferable environment in psql. But I got lately annoyed by it confirming the changes every time I run psql:

Today we have two interesting patches: patch by Teodor Sigaev and Oleg Bartunov, and committed by Tom Lane, which adds interesting capability to GIN indexes patch by Zoltan Boszormenyi, also committed by Tom, which adds "RESTART" option to ALTER SEQUENCE. With some ...

Another patch from Pavel Stehule - committed by Tom Lane. This patch adds CASE construction to pl/PgSQL:

Today another great patch, committed by Tom Lane. This patch was written by Martin Pihlak (with some edits by Tom).

Today we have one new feature - extension of plpgsql's RAISE command.

Friend from my previous employer told me that plans of execution of prepared statement, and the same statement run "as it" are different. Well, I checked and this is what I found (it's not shocking, it's actually quite obvious, but You ...

Today I will describe 2 new patches which modify psql:

MySQL has this nifty/annoying feature/bug of special data type "TIMESTAMP". It is like a DATETIME, but it gets automatically updated whenever you modify the row. I'll try to add the same feature to PostgreSQL.