Archiwizowane April, 2008

Yesterday, Alvaro Herrera committed patch written by Pavel Stehule which adds generate_subscripts(...) function.

English disclaimer: this post will be in Polish only, as it's use for other nationalities is somehow limited :)

Tom Lane committed his patch which modifies output of "EXPLAIN VERBOSE" command.

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simple brainteaser. take no more than 30 seconds to think about it: using standard cron installed on your unix system, how often would this command be run: */57 * * * * command ? if you choose to answer in comments, please supply ...

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Quick note in polish: jeśli znasz moje poprzednie posty nt. drzew, to ten możesz sobie pewnie odpuścić. będzie zawierał jedynie opis implementacji zbliżony do tego co już jest dostępne. OK, back to English (or at least my version of English). Finding a ...

as you perhaps know there is this site/blog called high scalability. it contains articles about various things related to performance, scalability, availability and so on. usually, when there is something about databases, it is about mysql. luckily for us, today they ...

unfrotunatelly i can't point you to message in archives, as there is some problem with them, and i dont see posts newer than "Fri Apr 04 12:00:08 2008". this patch was written by tomas doran, and commited by bruce momjian:

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another very interesting addon. pavel stehule wrote, and tom lane commited "execute using" in plpgsql.