Waiting for 8.5 – VACUUM FULL change

Some time ago Josh Berkus wrote about possible changes in VACUUM FULL.

Now these changes came to life. By now, I mean 6th of January, when Takahiro Itagaki committed his patch:

Log Message:
Support rewritten-based full vacuum as VACUUM FULL. Traditional
VACUUM FULL was renamed to VACUUM FULL INPLACE. Also added a new
option -i, --inplace for vacuumdb to perform FULL INPLACE vacuuming.
Since the new VACUUM FULL uses CLUSTER infrastructure, we cannot
use it for system tables. VACUUM FULL for system tables always
fall back into VACUUM FULL INPLACE silently.
Itagaki Takahiro, reviewed by Jeff Davis and Simon Riggs.

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Who/what is trashing db performance?

Every so often I need to find who exactly is damaging database performance. I mean – I have db connection which does something strange/wrong with the database, but what exactly is responsible?

Switching to separate user for every program, script and developer would solve the problem, but it is not always an option. So, what should I do?

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