What is LATERAL, what is it for, and how can one use it?

Lately in couple of places I recommended people that they can solve their problem with queries using LATERAL. In some cases recipient of such suggestion indicated that they had no idea what LATERAL is. Which made me think that it might be good idea to write more about them (lateral queries)…

Also – I know that some of the examples I shown in here can be done differently, I just wanted to show how one can use LATERAL, and am terrible with coming up with better usecases.

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SQL/JSON is postponed

Back in March and April I wrote couple of blogposts about upcoming new great feature – full SQL/JSON.

Unfortunately, as of today SQL/JSON has been reverted (removed from sources), both from development version 16, but also from “almost ready" version 15.

There is lengthy discussion about it which you can definitely read if you're so inclined (side note, I didn't catch it immediately, so for future me – RMT is Release Management Team.

Obviously the feature will make its comeback. Whether it will be in 16 or later – can't tell now, but it will definitely reappear.